Underground fuel storage tanks

Underground Double Skin Fuel Storage Tanks

Wefco is the UK's leading supplier of double skin tanks to oil companies, supermarket retailers, independent / dealer operated sites and motorway petrol filling stations.

Wefco double skinned tanks are designed and constructed in full accordance with British Standard / European Norm codes supplied with full supporting certification. As well as the very latest welding machinery, shot-blasting and high quality coating systems, that are all expertly applied in-house on underground tanks.

Continued investment in a sophisticated semi-automated deuma production line and modern production facilities ensures our customers benefit from high quality manufacturing, whilst maximising production efficiencies to provide very competitive prices.

Leading innovation and partnership supply, Wefco are the only double skinned tank manufacturer with experience to expertly fit the very latest atlas mono generation two chambers, with pre-assembled pipework and factory pressure tested.

A consistent reputation for quality, service and competitiveness has been instrumental to Wefco's success as the UK’s #1 manufacturer of double skinned tanks.

Class leading double skinned underground tanks - the benchmark for fuel storage.

If you require any further information please contact us or call on: 01427 611000

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